March 5, 2012

Nasty, nasty nasty

When shopping for fresh produce in Norway I recommend being extra cautious with what you pick up. My husband and I went shopping the other day to Rema1000 and I was disgusted by what I saw. Rotten fruit filled with mold, bird shit on packages, dead flies in the fruit. I understand that sometimes it may be hard to miss some things. For example, I once bought a very nice looking lettuce, only to find out that a caterpillar had made its little burrow inside. Things like that don't bother me, because I checked the lettuce and didn't see anything wrong with it until I started peeling off the leaves, but when rotten fruit is sitting out in the open like that....then it's an issue.
A few months ago, a tv program called "TV2 hjelper deg" did a report on this. They went around to several stores throughout Norway and picked out which ones did a better job of selecting and selling good fresh produce and which ones didn't. It was shocking to see how many stores don't bother to check the quality of their products. After the report aired, all the stores did a god job to have fresh produce and to make sure nothing was bruised or rotten or moldy. This extra care only lasted a few weeks and then it was back to having to pick for the least worst items.
It isn't only the fresh produce that is neglected, it's dried goods as well, such as vacuumed packed breads, tortillas.... and meats. We have found meat packets to have been accidentally opened, possibly during delivery, that sit on the shelves dripping blood and the whole shelf is red and stinks. As for the bread, I had to once find the baker in the store and lead her a shelf filled with 10+ baguette bags FILLED with mold that had been expired for 2 weeks.
The following pictures are from Rema1000 in Kleppestø. This was just from one visit.


  1. i always notice moldy strawberries on display at vons here in calif.
    i pick my own apples w/o pesticides at a local farm.i know one day i'll come across an apple with a "tenant" but so far i've been lucky.

  2. This is horrendous! I cannot believe all of this was from a single visit - Though I ought not to be surprised we often buy things from remi200 as its the closest Norwegian store to us and I've often brought things in a hurry only to get home and find they are WEEKS out of date!! Infuriating does not cover it - Especially when you take into the account how much groceries actually cost! Grr makes me so angry!

  3. Hi there! Just started reading your blog and love it :)

    I'm also a foreigner in Norway, originally from Ireland, and I have to say this is something I've noticed too. I once bought a bag of potatoes in Coop Mega and they were in a brown paper bag so I couldn't see inside but I checked the date and everything. When we got home they were mouldy and it made me so angry! Also, I often buy fruit or vegetables, like strawberries for example, and the next day they're soft and mouldy.. I saw that TV Hjelper Deg aswell, its good some attention is being brought to this problem. I think in Norway everybody is kind of 'on their own' like, the stuff in the shop is just there and its nobody's responsibility, you can buy it or not and nobody really cares. I find shop assistants generally unhelpful and in Rema 1000 where I live there are never any shopping baskets when you enter the store so you have to go looking for them yourself by the tills..


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