July 4, 2014


Oh wow. It's been quite a few years since my last post. I can most definitely say things have changed, and for the better! I am still happily married, so that much remains the same but I now have a full time job, I own my own car now, I have two beautiful little kitties that are as badly behaved as 2 year olds, aaaannndddd we just bought a house! Omg wow! Yea! I just bought a house! Literally 3 days ago our offer was accepted and just a few hours ago we signed for it! We move in at the end of the month! This is such a big deal to me. In just 2 years I have gotten married, gotten a job (I don't really like it and I'm currently looking for another one but hey, I still have it), bought a car under my name, and now I'm the owner, along with my husband of a small apartment home. Craaazzzy where life takes you!
I would really love to get back into blogging. It is something I truly enjoy, although not so much at this moment since I'm doing it from my iPhone, but you get what I mean. So until I get moved in and have my new desk/office space settled you ca be happy in knowing that Mariana is happy....(except for her current job by it at least pays the bills)! TTFN, tata for now!
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