March 30, 2012

Let me introduce you to a friend!

  Her name is Siv Renate Riise! Unfortunately I don't know Siv in person, but we are in two social groups in facebook and because of those two groups I can confidently say that Siv is a dear friend. I have gotten to know her for the past 8 months since I joined the groups, as well as other beautiful ladies around the globe, and one amazing talent that Siv has is her eye for taking stunning photos! 
  So here I am helping her promote her photography!! She has her own website which you can check out here: Siv's website!
And she even has her own Epla store, where you can view all of her pictures which are for sale. They run for 200kr/$35USD which you can securely pay using paypal. She will then send you the picture without the watermark to your email and you can print it out yourself onto poster paper, canvas...whatever your heart desires! I think there is a canvas printing offer but I'm not sure if that has expired, you can send her an email which can be found on her epla page.
Here are just some of the pictures that you can purchase for such a great price at Siv's epla store.

Beautiful right?!?! These are my favorite! I'm debating between the first two. The skull is amazing and the roses beside it are gorgeous, but I can kind of see the heart stone hanging better in a living room....but the skull is so pretty....but the heart! ahhh decisions decisions! Needless to say, I will be making a purchase very soon!! So please go check out her masterpieces and purchase them! Help her out in her new personal business!!  Tell her Mariana sent you!

PS, if you're reading my other blogs. i have no idea where the pictures went...I have to figure out what happened and get them back somehow!

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