March 6, 2012

Jesus is coming!!! Quick! Hide the eggs!

In the spirit of Easter, I wanted to share a little candle craft! It's super easy and makes for a great gift and/or decoration!

       What you need:
  • Candle
  • Desired napkin
  • Metal spatula
  • Scissors

Napkins usually have 3 layers, some have 2. You want the top layer with the design, peel the other layers off and throw away.

Measure your candle and cut from the napkin, make sure it goes all the way around.

This is where I intended to add a video, but it didn't want to upload for some reason.....So the best way to describe the next step is too turn on your stove to high, place the metal spatula over the heat until it is nice and hot, and iron the napkin onto the candle. Start with one of the sides first and work your way around, don't start ironing from the middle. The point is to let the napkin melt into the wax so that when it cools off the napkin is underneath the wax that melted through. Iron all around making sure you melt the top and bottom edges as well. Try to smooth it out as much as possible and you're done!

This one is a big candle. I did several of them for Christmas with angels on them


  1. Oops! Hope you get your photo thing figured out!! I got a candle...

    1. I didn't know that my phone was connected to my blogger, so when I deleted them from my phone they disappeared from here as well. BUT! luckily I emailed them all to myself, so now I have to find them in my inbox and re-upload! So hold on to that candle!!! Pictures will be up in a matter of days!


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