March 2, 2012

The Friday List

So this is my first Friday List!!! Linking up with Company of Clever! As you may have guessed it will be a list! On what? I get to decide! So as my first Friday List topic I shall choose the things I miss most about San Diego, California. My family and friends are definitely the top two, so apart from them:

1. The beautiful weather!

I am used to 80's and 90 degree weather! Sandals, jeans and t-shirt weather. Today, it was considered "warm" on Ask√ły, the island I live on right outside of Bergen. Warm. HA!! It was 9 degrees C out today, that's 48.2 F. Lets calculate that. We'll take the average of 85-42.5=42.5 HALF!! I must be going crazy to have thought that it was nice and warm out today. Even went out for a walk with jeans, tennis shoes and a fleece zip up jacket. Someone buy me a plane ticket for a 2 week vacation in San Diego so that this poor Mexican can be reminded of what real nice weather feels like.

2. The Beaches
What I would give to just plunge into this picture and whomp in those waves. "Whomping" is a more graceful form of bodysurfing, haha yeah right! Instead of riding along with the wave for several seconds, you are slammed into the sand! I promise you, it is sooo much fun! Read more on Whomping!!

3. Mexican Food

If you've read my last few posts you'll know my depressing desire for real mexican food. In this case though I miss fast food Mexican food, the kind that give you bad gas and clog your arteries after the first 5 bites! The kind that comes from all those taco shops that end with "bertos", "Albertos" "Rigobertos" "Adalbertos"... A california burrito with carne asada, sour cream, cheese, beans, rice, cilantro, potatoes, salsa, guacamole all wrapped in a warm tortilla that if you unwrap you'll find that is the same size as your car tire. Or a chorizo with eggs burrito with potatoes, cheese and sour cream!

4. Friendly polite strangers

I love the Norwegian people, but they are only nice after you've met them. Complete strangers...nope. Not even the dogs. In the States everyone smiles and says hi, excuse me, sorry, please, thank you....Here...different story. I won't get into it much so as to keep this post friendly.
I will give them this though, when out in the wilderness or out at sea, you'll think you're famous; everyone makes sure to say hi to you! It's quite funny!

5. Activities
When and if the weather is nice in Bergen the only fun thing to do outside is go for a walk, and if you're rich enough to have a boat you can take it out and enjoy the nice weather. But if you're not, like  most people, you can go get a coffee...which is indoors, go to the mall....which is also indoors... Or for even more fun, even if the weather is bad, we can go bowling or watch a movie...that's pretty much it. I miss being able to go down to the bay and rent some kayaks for 15 bucks and cruise along the bay islands, sneak around the back of Cirque De la Mer Sea World show and watch for free, buy a starbucks and walk down balboa park, go grab some awesome sandwiches and the local beach shop and some smoothies and go to this mountain view top where you can see all of La Jolla Beach and the Cove. Snorkeling at the cove and sneak some frozen peas to feed to all the fishies, surfing, going to a family fun center and ride the bumper cars, mini golf, playing frisbee at the park, watching my dog run wild and free at dog beach, car camping or camping in general, barbecues any day anytime. Man those were the good times...


  1. Too funny, those are almost all the same things I missed about Florida while living in Holland. Mexican food, yummm!

    1. Makes sense! Florida is so similar as far as weather and hispanic influence.

  2. hi there!! thanks for linking up, you made my day! :) i am from boston, so the east coast, but i can totally relate to almost everything you posted. the netherlands seems pretty similar to norway...there is NO good Mexican food here, I miss our beach scene, and strangers are not nice here either. no one even says "excuse me", it really drives me nuts.

    happy weekend!


  3. I can totally relate!! It actually made me a little homesick to read this because while I grew up in LA, I went to college at San Diego State - seriously the best years of my life. If I hadn't moved to Norway, I would've made my life in San Diego. Miss that place!!! Thanks for a great post!

    1. Hi! thank you! Yeah I miss it sooooo bad. I don't know why I ever wanted to leave in the first place. I won't say I regret it because then I would have never met my husband, but I wish that his career choice (electrician) was worth more in the states so that we could have that option of moving back there if we wanted to.

  4. My sister lives near San Diego and I'm especially envious when I hear about all the delicious Mexican take-out food she gets to eat for so much cheaper than it is to eat much blander takeout food here in Bergen. ARRRGHHH.

    1. Lol yeah. for the same price as that delicious burrito we may be able to get a microwave cheeseburger from burger king.

  5. So comforting to read this, especially in times of homesickness. Just discovered your blog, great stuff! Keep up the good work!


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