April 18, 2012

Here comes the bride!!

Well not yet! Our second wedding or renewal of the vows, isn't until June 16th! I am so excited!!! I have been planning this wedding for over a year now and now that the date is getting closer I feel like I haven't planned anything and I have a million and one things to do. Luckily I have done this before, catering and setting up for weddings, so that much I am not worried about. I know exactly what is needed and how to set things up, what type of food we need and how to keep it warm, the stressful part is that on the day of i cant be in charge, I should be enjoying myself right? I wonder how many brides actually are carefree on their wedding days and really not behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly. I remember all the wedding I have helped with and the bride is total BRIDE-ZILLA!!!

Besides, my dad is flying in from San Diego, (with a bunch of goodies that I have begged for) and both he and I have worked many weddings together. He knows his stuff and is great in the kitchen! I trust his opinion on this sort of thing 100%

So here are the main planning details/ideas!

Dress: I just ordered my dress online and it should be here in 3-4 weeks. I know buying online may seem sketchy but this website has been a big hit with brides in Norway and everyone has been pleased, plus you can give them your own custom sizes and they'll make it to your size for an extra 20 bucks. Cheap, fast delivery and beautiful! This is the one I got but in white, not cream/tan like in the pic:

Isn't it beautiful!!! The price I mean! $169.00!!! The cheapest dresses in Norway run for about 12,000 nok, which is around $1,800. AND....they're mostly all strapless which is no fun for big busted women. So that's why I fell in love with this one. its classy, beautiful and well priced! And its customized to fit ME!!

I will have a tiara, a simple one from ebay, and my hair will be up as well. (Just scheduled my hair and makeup appointment). I'm ordering a veil as well, but not sure if it'll be too much with the tiara and all. I'll try it on, and if it seems "not me" then I'll go without it.

This is the tiara from ebay

Hopefully the tiara will look good with this hairstyle

Shoes: I don't like super high heels, and I dont like my toes sticking out, besides, that would require a pedicure and that is hella expensive! So Im going bright and getting these!!!

Bouquet: My two colors are lime green and turquoise, so its only right that my bouquet be those colors too!

 As far as the tables go, I want blue table covers, and green napkins which I still need to buy. There is this hardware store that is close to home that sell table covers but they are only open on Thursdays, so I will go tomorrow and see what options I have, but these are my place cards.

Flowers are really expensive here, so I won't have flower centerpieces instead I will have these:


 My amazing and great friend Jenna is making my wedding cake, she is an amazing baker! She even has her own blog called Shove it in your face!

As far as flavors go, I don't want the typical strawberry, or rasberry filling. I want something fresh and subtle and goes good with buttercream yum!!!. So Jenna helped me decide on peach!
This is what I want the cake to look like, except I will add different colored flowers and it will only be a 3 tiered cake instead of 4.

Food: We will have what is known as koldtbord; literally translated it mean cold table. Which is cold food, like cold pastas, hams, roast beef, salads...etc. And we will also have Mexican food. Something simple and yummy like fajitas, and make some red mexican rice, and we will also have Norwegian stew for those not brave enough to try the fajitas.

We plan on getting a dj, also giving him a list of mexican songs that should be played and fun to dance too!

I am making 2 maybe 3 piñatas as well! I think it'd be different for the Norwegian folk who are coming to try something fun like hitting a piñata!

I have many things to do and to figure out still. I got the main things down but there are always the small details that make a big difference that need to be planned. I also need to make a schedule and back up plans, such as where we will go to take our pictures. Bergen, is known for its rain, so you can never be too sure, not even in the summer.

I am super excited, mainly since it's me planning it all by myself! Who needs wedding planners?! pfft!


  1. You are doing great on you planning Mariana :o)

    It sounds like your wedding will be awsome, and that your guests will have the best time. Love the dress <3

    1. Thank you Ann! I hope the guests will have fun!
      I love the dress too! Lets hope I love it on as well!

  2. Remi's mom works in a flower shop, we could probably swing a deal ;)

    1. That is great news!!! I would love to talk to her? Where is her flower shop?


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