February 2, 2012

All aboard the mood train

Lately I have been so emotional during my periods. I never suffered from PMS.  I would get the bad cramps, and I still do, but never would I get emotional. Now, it seems that I go from serious to balling my eyes out in seconds. It could be anything, this morning it was because I spilled juice on the floor, around lunchtime because I didn't want to eat the pizza leftovers. Sad videos that would be touching make me cry as if someone died. I tend to randomly start thinking in horrible things and just start crying too.

I get pissed off easier too. I feel as if it should all be about me and if it isn't then its wrong. I normally am not like this. Only when mother nature is paying her visit. Sometimes I like a good cry over things that matter, like the fact that I am from a sunny place and I now live in a cold and rains almost every day city, the fact that I have to know Norwegian 100% for anything and everything yet when people find out that I am from the USA they start talking English. I miss my family, my home....those things are worthy things to cry about. Not because I spilled some juice on the floor. Before we jump to conclusions, no I am not pregnant! I'm on my period, scientifically in most cases that means not pregnant!
I just want a hug right now. Really badly, kind of like a fat kid wants cake, yet I'm home alone and my husband is working overtime today. I called him and although I know he does care, right now, the way I'm feeling makes me think he doesn't, I even hung up on him all stupidly saying something like "yeah ok I get it, you don't want to let your co-workers down, but it's fine to let me down". I know it sounds stupid and most of all unfair to him, but I don't care right now. Right now I'm right and everyone else is wrong. God I sound like the worlds biggest bitch, and at this moment I probably am.
And there come the tears again...oh boy. I need help.
 I mostly feel bad for the hubby who is the only one who has to deal with this. I keep him up on work nights because of this. And we joke about it with my friends but I know how much of a burden it must be.
I know that this is may be a result of my birth control, but you gotta do what you gotta do. If there was some sort of birth control for men other than condoms I would make him take it.
God I just want a hug right now, but who in their right mind would hug me back.
Maybe I'll just lie in bed and hug myself and cry about it.

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  1. im pretty sure all PMS is a result of living in norway. that is what i have concluded upon moving here.


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