January 27, 2012

LIVE LOVE LAUGH (and painfully struggle) in the name of Love

Great! I've started blogging again. Another excuse to not do house chores. I wish I could say "some of you may know me from.....", but unfortunately I am not famous enough to use that line here. I used to have another blog that was neglected like the clothes in the hamper. My previous blog was about my trip to Norway, where I was going to be an au pair(aka nanny) for 4 months. Being from sunny San Diego, California, the blog was supposed to be about the cold winter adventures of the unknown country, to let my friends and family know what my cray ass was up too. Lets skip forward two years and that "break" turned into a lifestyle. It was the typical girl meets boy, girl decides to stay in foreign country, boy asks girl to marry, girl says yes. But just in case anyone would like to read the old blog here is the link: http://awaytonorway.blogspot.com/ . The most recent blog posts are the most boring, so I recommend to skip over to the more interesting ones, like when I was kidnapped in Austria by EMT's.
My life in Norway is now ordinary. And a good ordinary, I have a loving husband, great friends, amazing in-law's. This blog will be like a diary of my life struggling to adapt, get used to the cold and trying new things. It won't be a story of the rich and the famous, but it's my story, and I believe it's worth sharing; even if it is a lifestyle and not just an interesting winter break adventure!

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