September 27, 2012

I'm back!!!

Our laptop has been in and out of the shop...they keep "fixing it" and then when we get it back something else is wrong and it goes back for repairs the next day. That is why I have not posted in a while...all of my pictures that I take with my phone automatically go straight to my computer, but I don't have that option right now. And uploading them from my phone to the computer takes forever. So I am waiting patiently.
However I have been busy, well kind of. With trying to find a job and all and bad weather I am at home more than I would like to be. So Ive been trying to keep myself occupied. I started painting again. I took advanced art back in high school. I had exhibitions and was tested in it by the international baccalaureate program. After that I hadn't painted or drawn again...until now. I used only acrylic paints. I like that it dries quicker and its not as expensive as oil paint and all the spirits and oils you need for it. Ive been painting mostly flowers, inspired by pictures I find on Google, but Ive done a few other ones. I hope you like them! I am currently painting a peony for my sister in law.

The first and third are my favorites...the turtle, the orange lotus and the boat were all gifts. The other ones are displayed throughout the house. It's easy for me to paint, Im blessed to be gifted with artistic abilities. Its not that expensive and I think that this is a perfect christmas present idea for this year. Since I like to make my gifts, what better way than to use my skills and make it more personal!

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