July 13, 2012

The I do's and I don'ts (Part 1)

I am married! Again! Yup Aleksander and I had our renewal of vows on June 16, 2012 in a place called Herdla, Askøy. This is the main reason why I neglected my blog for so long. The preparations, family visiting, and the recovering of it afterwards, but I am back now!
As a sort of re-cap of everything: Aleksander and I got married on December 9, 2011 with only his parents and sister (and her husband) present. It was a rushed and spontaneous wedding. NO, I was not pregnant. There were issues with my visa and with the renewal process and I was given wrong information by the police station in Bergen. I was told I could not file for family immigration from Norway, that I would have to go back to the states and apply from there and then wait the 3-4 month application process. That was not an option. So our only solution was to get married before my visa expired. Afterwards we found out that they were mistaken and I could have filed from Norway and wait until June to have gotten married. But no harm done, I was married to the man of my dreams sooner than I wanted, which is not bad at all!
We decided to stick to our plans and continue planning for our June wedding in the old church and barn reception. White dress and all. June 16th, is a date I will never forget! It was an amazing night.
Amazing and different. It wasn't a typical American wedding, nor was it a typical Norwegian wedding, and it most definitely wasn't a typical Mexican wedding.
 The ceremony itself was pretty much the same, bride walks down the aisle with dad, dad gives daughter to groom, blessing, songs, more blessings, more beautiful songs and then we walk back down the aisle together! My sister in law and brother in law played the ceremony music (they're professional musicians. She plays the trombone and he plays the trumpet). My sister in law played this one beautiful piece that made me start crying at the altar. Thank God our backs were to the audience!
Afterwards we took pictures outside and then went with the photographer to his studio. Funny enough there was some viking re-enactment going right outside his studio and the photographer, who knew them, asked if two of them could come in for some funny pics with us. Great idea!!
Aleksander waiting at the altar.

My dad, Mariano, walking me down the aisle.

From left to right: My father in law, mother in law, Aleksander, me and my dad.

L to R: Brother in law and Aleks best man, Alek, me, my good friend Jenna and maid of honor

My bouquet.

Daddy and me.

Viking creeping up on the bride!

She stole my flowers! Oh vikings!!
That is the end of part 1. Part 2 will come when I collect the reception pictures from everyone's cameras and from the cds that I have yet to rip onto my computer.


  1. As always, love your refreshing post! You are a beautiful bride! Aleks is so handsome, no wonder you fell for him! Love the Vikings! May you be blessed for years to come!

  2. Thank you Clarissa! That's very sweet of you!
    Part 2, will reveal more of the differences between american and norwegian weddings!!

  3. I echo what Clarissa said! ...and I especially adore the hilarious photo of the Viking dude behind your shoulders...Hahaha!

  4. I agree with the previous commenters! Looking forward to part 2 :)

  5. Great pictures and for sure a day to remember.... Didn't realize that either you are very tall or Jenna is very short. And Aleksander is quite the handsome devil!!!
    May you have a long, prospers and happy life together!!!

    1. HIHI! Thank you! Jenna is a little thing! And I am average height. We both had flats on, so it the real difference between us!


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